Below are our standard terms and conditions. Please contact us for any queries or concerns prior to booking request.

Terms: CAMPR Tents Rental from here on referred to as "CAMPR" and the booker from here on referred to as "The Customer"


ELIGIBILITY OF THE BOOKER (from here on referred to as “Customer”)

  1. The customer must hold a current and valid Emirates ID.

  2. The customer must be over the age of 25 years to allow the hirer use of the camper trailers.

  3. Prior to your booking request, CAMPR requires an identification of the customer. 

  4. The customer shall provide full and correct details to CAMPR about the number of guests and confirm that the number of guests stated in the booking request is accurate . Should the guest information be incorrect, false or unsuitable, CAMPR reserves the right to refuse such booking. 



  1. CAMPR bookings are paid in full. The total value of the invoice will be charged to the customer at the time of booking.

  2. Bookings will not be confirmed until the full payment has been received by CAMPR. CAMPR will confirm booking in writing.

  3. A Cash Deposit of AED500/- will be given to CAMPR by the customer on Drop off Date. This Deposit will be held against any damage, loss or breakage where the value is under AED500/-. Should Damage, loss or breakage of any CAMPR property and equipment be higher than the value of AED 500/- the customer is held fully responsible to provide the full value of such loss, damage ad breakage to CAMPR within 5 working days to avoid any legal action. CAMPR will provide the customer with a damage, loss or breakage invoice which the customer has 5 working days to provide that payment in full. The security deposit of AED500/- will be given back to the customer in full, after the inventory list has been completed and no loss, damage or breakage has been accounted for.

  4. Should either the security deposit or any payments not be received in a timely manner as outlined in our confirmation email and in accordance with the terms and conditions, CAMPR reserve the right to cancel the booking. Should the booking be cancelled by CAMPR due to late or non payment, any deposits or payments already received shall be forfeited by the customer.

  5. A security deposit is to be paid to CAMPR on the day of Drop off. CAMPR will not release any of its equipment  and/or accessories without the security deposit being paid.

  6. The customer shall agree to the above payment terms. Failure to comply with the above payment terms will result in a cancelation of the booking agreement and a forfeit of any deposit already paid to CAMPR.

  7. CAMPR ADVENTRS: Late arrivals (drop off)/returns (pick up) of more than 60min  past agreed Drop off or Pick Up time shall incur a late penalty charge of AED150/- should the customer arrive more than 120min late or request a pick up more than 120min from the agreed /drop off / pick up time an additional daily charge rate equivalent to the equipment listed on the booking form will be charged. CAMPR HIKR - CAMPR RENTR - Should the customer not return the CAMPR PAK or CAMPR RENTR equipment at the agreed time (mentioned in the invoice the customer will be charged based on the daily rental rate.

  8. CAMPR ADVENTR: Should the customer (name mentioned on the booking and invoice) leave prior to the agreed pick up time and not be present at the pick up the client will lose/forfeit the  security deposit .


Cancellation Policy – CAMPR TENTS RENTAL

  1. The customer may cancel the booking in writing by emailing us at info@campr.ae only. CAMPR will only accept cancellation requests in writing by email. Verbal cancellations and text messages will not be accepted.

  2. Please note that once the customer have booked through CAMPR, CAMPR have reserved a CAMPR and all relevant and requested equipment and add-ons for the customer, CAMPR have also reserved time in their schedule exclusively for the customers drop off, setup and pick up. 

  3. If the customer cancels his/her booking more than 6days before it is scheduled to take place (i.e DROP OFF DATE - as mentioned in the quotation and invoice), the customer will be subject to a cancellation fee valued at 20% of total booking amount that was invoiced. (Total amount mentioned in the Invoice) 

  4. If the customer cancels his/her booking less than 5days before it is scheduled to take place (i.e DROP OFF DATE- as mentioned in the quotation and invoice), CAMPR's no refundable policy applies. The Customer will be subject to the full 100% booking amount that was invoiced and 0% refund will be given.


No Refund Policy


  1. The customer will be charged the full amount at the time of booking (i.e the total value mentioned in the invoice)




  1. For bookings made on or after 10 October 2020, be sure to consider the risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and associated government measures. If the customer don’t cancel his/her booking more than 6 days before it is scheduled to take place (i.e Drop Off Date - as mentioned in the quotation and invoice), the customer may not be entitled to a refund. The customer's cancellation request will be handled by CAMPR, based on the customer's chosen date of cancellation, CAMPRs Cancellation Policy and consumer law where applicable. 

  2. During times of uncertainty, we recommend ensuring that you cancel your booking more than 6days in advance.

  3. Should you, the customer (name given on the quotation and invoice) test positive for Covid-19 prior to your booking, the customer is allowed to reschedule the booking (one time only) provided that the customer will provide CAMPR with proof of positive covid test result. The booking will be rescheduled based on CAMPR availability and has to be rebooked within 30days of the original booking (drop off date). Should the customer choose not to reschedule the booking ,  CAMPR Cancellation Policy will apply.  Once a booking has been rescheduled due to COVID and the customer choose to cancel his/her rescheduled booking CAMPR's no refund policy will apply.


  1. Smoking of any kind is not permitted inside any CAMPR Trailer Tents or Ground Tents, under any associated annexes/awnings or gazebos. Any odor of smoke within CAMPR Trailer Tents or Ground Tents, under any associated annexes/awnings or gazebos upon return will result in the complete loss of the security deposit.

  2. When camping in proximity to an open campfire, ensure that there is a suitable distance between any open flames and any CAMPR equipment, and ensure that the CAMPR Tents are fully closed to avoid smoke entering the CAMPR Trailer Tents and Ground Tents. Excessive odors within the any of the CAMPR Trailer Tents or Ground Tents will result in a cleaning fee of AED150/- being deducted from the security deposit.

  3. Pets of any kind are not permitted and strictly prohibited. Should there be any trace of pets (hair or odor) the customer will forfeit / lose the security deposit.

  4. The Customer takes full responsibility and liability to adhere to the all CAMPR Terms & Condition.

  5. The Customer shall not sub-lease or lend any CAMPR Trailer Tents, Ground Tents or any of CAMPR's equipment or any associated accessories provided by CAMPR to any other persons other than those named on the invoice and the guests that has been stipulated in the invoice.

  6. The customer  shall accept full responsibility for the CAMPR equipment and any associated accessories supplied for the entire duration of the booking agreement.

  7. The Customer shall ensure that the use of CAMPR's equipment is done so in accordance with relevant UAE regulations and laws.

  8. Any damage as a result of using the camper trailer is the responsibility of the customer.

  9. The Customer is responsible for checking of local weather conditions. CAMPR takes no responsibility whatsoever for weather conditions.

  10. The main named customer (name mentioned in the invoice) shall be fully responsible for the payment of any infringements incurred during the booking period.

  11. CAMPR take no responsibility for the loss or damage of personal belongings.

  12. CAMPR takes no responsibility for any injuries that may occur during the booking period to the customer or his/her guests.

  13. CAMPR takes no responsibility for any fines given to the customer by the UAE authorities should the customer not adhere to the laws and regulations of the UAE.

  14. In the case of unforeseen weather conditions CAMPR reserves the right to move the customer from an agreed location to another for the customer's safety without the customer's approval.

The fine print

Please note that it is mandatory that all guests physically present an original Emirates ID upon Drop off.


In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19), additional safety and sanitation measures are currently in effect.


Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), CAMPR is taking steps to protect the safety of guests and staff. Certain services and amenities may be reduced or unavailable as a result.